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It’s almost time for Fashion Week which starts this Thursday and soon enough you realise how quickly time flies by with Men’s Fashion Week occurring just only last month.  Today I’m checking the diary for anything important to make sure I have not missed anything cool going on in town. We can all relate to that feeling of FOMO when everybody else is bragging about how great that party was the other night is usually the case during Fashion Week. Believe it or not it happens to the best of us when you’re not down on the list or weren’t invited. Oh well never mind… But maybe next time ehh.

It’s only Monday today, but believe it not a friend of mine has reminded me that we have an event to attend this week for the opening reception of Celebrated Photographer Alistair Guy and Marcella Actor Nicholas Pinnock for the private view of their latest exhibition English Rogue’s. I always look forward to seeing Alistair’s work and wrote a featured piece on him for his previous exhibition Strong Women featuring 60’s Style Icon’s Daphne Selfe and Jan de Villeneuve.

Photo Credit: instagram / @feed_my_fashion_ego_

This time round the curated exhibition by the duo Artist in collaboration select nine models, Actors, and Style Icon’s which influenced British Popular Culture inspired by smugglers and rogues as lovable and mischievous.

The series of photographs taken on location at the OXO Tower restaurant with a view over the river Thames has a historical significance to coincide with stories of the Scoundrel’s and Pirates arrival into London.

Today’s press launch is held in Association with luxury retailer Harvey Nichols, Kodak film, Bacardi Spirits and London Menswear Label Indigo and Goods celebrates the honest rogue. Observing the portraits they were shot in classic black and white images which I love as there is always that sense of nostalgia and connection to the past. In my opinion I admire the editorial style of appeal in which the photo’s were taken are so very intriguing to look at.

It was also great to spot familiar faces you see around fashion like acclaimed Models Richard Biedul and Robert Konjic be part of the exhibition. You just have to see these works of art up close as Alistair is very talented and a regular contributor to international style publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and i-D. Anyone who was anyone from the fashion, music and film industry was there to show their support yesterday evening.  It was also a great opportinity to catch up with some of my industry peer’s just before fashion week start’s.  I’ll see you guys there!

Finally, just incase I forget the exhibition will run for three months only from tomorrow 13th February 2018, following the VIP Private view last night.

English Rogues Exhibtion is now on at OXO Tower restuarant by Appointment only 0207 80 33 888

Ciao x