How to Travel in Style 5 Top Tips by Models this Summer

5 Essential Vacation Item’s Chosen by Model Sophie Longford

How Travel in Style. Model Sophie Longford a New York based model and frequent jet – setter is so used to travelling both long and short haul in between fashion capitals of the world and exotic locations around the world when she’s off duty.

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Sophie has spent some time over in NYC this year working as a model most recently which can be an exciting time for young models careers to take off and make a huge success in the Big Apple.

Model Sophie Longford, And Friends at Coachella Music Festival

Her highlights this summer include traveling around the USA Coachella Music Festival California and a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Sounds like the lush life to me and if you can sport a pair of Chanel Sunglasses they way she does in style, why not! indulge in a pair of your own as Sophie reccomends her favourite things while traveling the globe.


We asked Sophie what she loves to pack while she’s away on holiday right now in Mykanos……


Sophie, commented recently about her favourite things to travel with which are;

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Sophie Longford, Model