So what’s it really like to be at The Top of the Music Industry as we get a real insight into an acclaimed Music Mogul’s Luxury Lifestyle:

If you have yet to hear of Maximilian White and his contribution to the Music Industry you may have heard the acclaimed hit single on the radio ‘One Dance’ by Drake produced on White’s Record Label Defenders Entertainment. Ever wanted to know how the mind of a successful media mogul works and his many entrepreneurial side projects.

I can tell you most indefinitely he has an impressive track record which most would envy. White’s career highlights to date include becoming a shareholder in online music store Beatport, a string of lucrative investments in Eastern European Property, and writing and producing a song sampled on Drake’s “One Dance”

Growing up my Mother worked for a Record Producer Mutt Lange in the Nineties at Zomba Records LLC which inspired me to aspire towards a career in the media industry, so I had that in common with Maximillian White. When the opportunity came to interview him, I just couldn’t turn it down. It brought back many childhood memories being influenced by my Mother’s career when musicians would come in and out of the recording studio to produce hit singles you’ve mostly heard of during your lifetime.

Let’s find out how this property magnet and millionaire nightclub owner started as an Entrepreneur as the UK’s youngest pub licensee to living the life of luxury in Dubai.

Tell me about you, where did you grow up and has this influenced your chosen career patch

Early on in life I attended the Chorister School Durham an independent music school where I received a first class musical education and experience as a pupil singing in the school Choir.

I grew up Nottingham and raised by a single parent my Father an Ex England Rugby Player Tony White who always inspires me to this present day.

I can see you have a very impressive track record in music, what attracted you to music and how did you first get started in the creative industry

At age 17 I became the youngest landlord to acquire a licence as a pub owner. I used to also work the graveyard shift at the BCM nightclub and would remix music tracks at home in the studio. Soon I garnered the attention of music industry veterans and collaborations came shortly after when Urban House Music hit the UK club scene in the early Noughties. This pioneered the start of my independent record label Crazy Cousins under the Defenders EMP Group. We currently have more than 3 millions views on youtube for funky house ‘Defender’s and 4 million views Kyla ‘Do You Mind’ was the track sampled for Drake’s One Dance.

Your music production company Defenders Entertainment has produced some of the biggest A-list Recording Artist in the industry. Who has been your favourite music artist to work with so far?

I am proud to say I am one of the founding record producers which produced the hit single ‘One Dance’ which was originally called ‘Do You Mind’ by Kyla remixed by Obo Sounds for Rap Artist Drake. My favourite Artist to work with are R’n’b singer Omarion (B2k) and Drake. Most recently, new collaborations through my record label (EMC) European Music Cartel a UK hip hop And Grime Label is run by BBC Radio 1 DJ Cameo who discovered Stormzy, Chipmunk and Whiley.

As a successful serial entrepreneur what advice would you give to someone who would like to enter the music industry and get their foot in the door

I would definitely say keep going, always learn from your mistakes and strive for self improvement which will bring you closer to achieve your goals and ambitions. White recalls a time in Ibiza when he was in the company of Rap Artist Sean P-Diddy Combs in a nightclub which he commented ‘ House Music would be the Saviour of Hip Hop. He was right about that one.

You have a reputation for being at the forefront of the industry and ahead of trends is remarkable. Has travelling played a pivotal role in your life growing up while being exposed to many different cultures

Yes, absolutely by observing things visually and being exposed to many different cultures around the world you see what works well and what they don’t have vs new potential for commercial business interest

I heard you have a great interest in Fashion & Style, who’s your favourite designer and why?

I love luxury brands like Philip Plein, Torb Shoes and Richard Mille watches


Is Fashion Retail business something you would consider in the future as style and music form a close relationship, what do you think about that

In the near future I would be keen to create a premium luxury t-shirt brand similar to Tyga’s collaboration with my favourite designer label Philipp Plein as everyone deserves to feel and look like a star.


What motivates you? And do you think a resilience to set backs has helped you to improve your business acumen as an entrepreneur. What would you say to those who want to get started in business?

The struggle and drive is what motivates me as an entrepreneur. Most importantly never give up and say yes to every opportunity in life.


Being an acclaimed music producer and media mogul when did you realise it was the right time for you to get involved with luxury lifestyle and expand your business interest

There comes a turning point in your career when you realise what you’re good at and it’s great encouragement to start a new project. I wanted to fuse together a combination of music, atmosphere and glamour into one lifestyle brand launching Blanco Beach Club this summer. It was a great success

What purpose does Blanco Beach Club serve as the go to holiday destination in Europe. How do you feel this meets the expectations of the jet set clientele in terms of experience?

People feel they have a close connection with the Artist which the Beach Club can offer a full service nightclub where they can experience live music in decadent surroundings which is personal as well as intimate to them at the same time.

Any Future Plans for expansion, where do you see yourself in 5 years time. Any new resorts, Hotels, or Restaurant’s

I’m building a new hotel in Villanova Albufeira, Algarve Portugal. The vision for the future expansion of Blanco Beach Club will include Mykanos, Croatia and Dubai are all in the pipeline.


What attracted you to Portimao in the Algarve to launch Blanco Beach Club and did you always believe it had the potential to rival the jet set destinations of Ibiza, Mykanos, and St Tropez. How do you ensure it stands out from its competitors?

I felt I wanted to invest in Portugal because it has potential to be the next big thing. Like anything in business there is always the right time to invest when the economy is down by getting in there early. Since we introduced and opened Blanco Beach Club in Portimao we have seen hotel revenue’s saw to an all time high since the club’s official opening.


What’s your biggest Extravagance

In life my greatest extravagance would be hybrid supercars, Rolls Royce, Porches, Super Yachts and luxury properties around the world.