FEED MY FASHION EGO is a Men’s Lifestyle and Style Journal website for the discerning man. Joey was previously a freelance Product Copywriter at MATCHESFASHION.COM and as a qualified personal stylist Joey works with private clients, VIP’s, corporate clients and Brands as well as giving motivational style talks, style training, personal shopping and wardrobe edit sessions.

Joey also reviews fashion and beauty products and services so would like to receive information from PR’s. He is also available for brand and media collaborations, Fashion Week, Press Days, Launches and Events, as well as guest blogging, writing and interviews.

In addition Joey is a Guest Speaker, Style Influencer and male TV personality appearing on Radio, TV Commercials, Ad campaigns for International Brands such as Barclays Mobile Banking App and more.




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For Media Enquiries, Appearances or Speaking Engagements,

please contact Media Relations at press@feemyfashionego.com


For Media Services, Travel Itineraries, Sponsorships,

Story Pitch Feature Enquiries and information about Feed My Fashion Ego,

please contact Joey using the Online Contact Form


What I offer Brands

I’m offering access to an engaged readership, exclusivity because I limit the number of blog posts and the chance for Brands to be featured on an established and high-quality blog. All sponsored blog posts are written by me. That also accounts for the standard industry rates as it pays for my time.

Please note: I don’t accept posts where the advertiser writes it as I much prefer to write my own content and review my honest opinion about a product or service upon personal preference.


What do you as a Brand hope to achieve from the collaboration

Factors to consider are:

Length of post

  • I am going to be writing the content
  • Is there research required if I am going to write it?
  • Type of content (more on this later)
  • Do you expect social media coverage?
  • Do you expect a link?



What are your Brand Goals

  • Is their particular social channel you are looking to grow?
  • Would you be looking for social shares or just content
  • Would I be required to link back to the site? Are no follow links accepted
  • Can you give me an idea of what outcomes you are looking for from the sponsored post?



Terms and Conditions for Accepting and Publishing Sponsored Blog Post such as;

  • payment is taken by Paypal or BACS ;
  • headline approved;
  • the blog post was written;
  • changes made if requested by the client;
  • final copy approved;
  • blog post scheduled;
  • the blog post published





Sponsored Blog Post

When brands approach me to feature content on my site I am more than happy to consider paid blog post where I place a link, or give a mention, to someone who paid for it. This might be in the form of a sponsored review which I feel is a good fit for my brand, a sidebar link, an advertisement in a newsletter.


Destination Campaigns – Press Trips

From time to time I participate in destination marketing campaigns as FAM and Influencer Trips which are based on invitations from DMO’s, Tourism Board, Hotels, or Tour Operators.


Coverage I Guarantee From Press Trips

Blogpost stories, photo galleries and videos) with promotion via all social media networks. Number of post dependent on length and duration of trips I experience. All post include links to host’s website. At least 1 feature length story around 800 words with a link to host website. 3 – 4 post on with links included whenever possible.

I continue to pitch stories from my press trips to my freelance outlets, as this is how I make my income.


The Small Print

I have a few requirements for my press trips. I rarely ever travel solo as I prefer a team member to assist me with content creation during the trip. All expenses, including airfare, accommodations, transportation and meals, must be provided by the host or tourism board/airline partners, as I do not have any budget available to me. Lastly clients are free to use of stories, photo’s and videos for marketing purposes, but I do require credit and a link back to my website.

If I don’t sell stories from my trips to as many magazines as possible, I don’t make any income. I tend to sell most of these stories after the trip, but you can see examples from previous trips in the press area of my website. I have placed Ibiza stories in Yahoo! Travel. I will continue to sell new stories ensuring coverage for new destinations.


Sponsored Instagram Post

In my case, I treat my Instagram differently than my blog. On my blog, I talk more about culture, street style or give travel tips. On Instagram, I try to post photos that look aesthetically good and including a lot of fashion and style tips.


Freelance Writing

As a blogger I have been paid to write travel-related articles for other websites. It’s delightful to get copywriting jobs since I started freelancing and known from my blog content. Brands need content, I have experience and stories. Standard payment and cost depending on the length of the article, publication, how much research or photos are needed, etc


Social Media Promotion

When it comes to promoting brands on Social Media I am more than happy to host a live take over on your social media channels such Instagram and Twitter. This includes placing the appropriate hashtag or product in your feed. Also, affiliate links


Public Speaking & Media Appearances

Since establishing my blog I have become a specialist in my niche and can be hired to talk about it. There are plenty of opportunities out there where brands are willing to invite lifestyle bloggers & destination specialists to speak at their event. Again, not for free. Rates are negotiable and depends on the media outlet’s outreach.

Same goes for the TV. I have been invited to talk about my experiences, and/or share photos. I personally spoke at on the radio at More Radio, Business Podcast, appeared online news Winkball TV and Yahoo! Play’s new TV Series ‘Beat The Street’ on Yahoo! Entertainment.

For all press & media request, interviews and features

Invitations, gifting and samples please do send them my way!!

I would be delighted to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch