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Last night luxury jewellery brand Tresor Paris and the entertainment industry mingled with the fashion press and style influencers to preview the brand new film In2truders

It was also a chance to see up close the TP Artisan jewellery range and to celebrate the impending release of In2ruders, a trailblazer film production featuring Model Caprice.

The exquisite, new Artisan collection featured beautiful pieces of handcrafted intersections of diamond and precious gem stones were displayed which Caprice wears in the film too.

While observing each piece I discovered these are hand made using the gem stones as a starting point to craft intriguing pieces of jewellery around it. Inspired by the individuality of nature itself, the items are created to appeal the desire for something unique, natural and more bespoke.


I really enjoyed attending the event alongside the cast as well as artist Vincent Kamp who painted the portrait of Caprice wearing the diamond pieces as featured in the film.

So, more about the movie it’s directed by award winning film maker Naeem Mahmood who unveiled snippets of a glittering fantasy about the darker side of the music industry. There’s so much press surrounding the release of movies and the product placement that goes with it to make it a success is the most exciting part of brand collaborations.

This movie boast an all-star cast including Caprice, Doctor Who actor Samuel Anderson, Spandau Ballet ex-lead singer Tony Hadley, British style icon Ricki Hall, Megan Burns of 28 Days Later and music duo the Bloom Twins, set to a soundtrack produced by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.

I couldn’t be more excited to be surrounded by such talented people and be part of this special occasion to celebrate the release of the new film and launch of the new TP jewellery collection in the heart of Hatton Garden.


To find out more about Tresor Paris you can follow these brands on Instagram @tresor and visit their website below. Items are available from Tresor Paris directly with select pieces being stocked at Mozafarian Flagship London Boutique, Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge

Prices start at £ 797 for a ruby bracelet and go up to £4,697 for the diamond slice earings




Disclaimer: A Special thank you to Tresor Paris for inviting me to their Launch Party. In any case as always, all opinions will be my own


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As a keen traveler myself I just love the thrill and excitement of jetting off somewhere new come summer time and the last minute trips in between. Deciding on what to take on a trip abroad is quite the challenge but essentially important as selecting the ideal luggage that is stylish but practical.

I managed to pop down to the London Launch of Horizn Studios temporary Soho store yesterday evening to feel inspired by their latest exclusive range of suitcases. Who knows I might be lucky enough to own one of these travel bags for my next upcoming trip for the foreseeable future. Wanderlust goals ha ha to always travel in style where ever I go.

Yesterday evenings party celebrated the launch of two exciting collaborations, the first with Arvida Bystrom, who had her latest exhibition available to preview at the venue. Also, exclusive artwork produced by DJ Seth Troxler DJ / Producer on display, along with his 99 t-shirts produced to raise money for Cook for Syria.

The music DJ Sets from Chelsea Layland, Cici Cavanagh and Overly Gassed helped contribute to a great party atmosphere which was a full house that continued into the late hours of the evening.

It was definitely great to see up close two exciting projects Horizn have been working on with Arvida Bytstrom and DJ Seth Troxler. There is a huge market out there where fashion brands are no longer standalone products but part of our lives that helps improve our lifestyle for the better.

For instance, observing this suitcase it can charge your phone and cleverly built in GPS tracker so you need not worry again if you loose any luggage whilst traveling. Luckily it has not happened to me just yet, but I’m sure none of you are willing to take your chances.

Here’s what I found out about the product and what’s so great about it! apart from the one click removable smart charger.

There’s even a case especially designed for DJ’s where you can store your vinyl and anything else that you need for a trip which is the first of it’s kind that I have come across recently. This has to be my favorite suitcase of them all as Horizn Studioes introduces their exclusive Premiere Line Collection range designed in collaboration with International DJ Seth Troxler – The Pro Model ST DJ case. It has all the smart functionality cleverly integrated within . Created for the Jet Setter on the go! it will take you from the plane to the club from digital to vinyl which Retails at £399

Other unique features for suitcases included laundry bags for dirty clothes and a compartment to store footwear keeping your items clean and fresh during transit. It’s ideal and a genius way to travel smarter in the future with all the extras thrown in. Suitcases such as this being advanced in digital technology do not come cheap but it’s worth the investment long term and I would definitely consider a purchase.

For More Information on The Horizn Studios Brand please visit their website and Follow the Brand for updates on Social Media. Prices of the suitcases start from £269 and vary according to size, model and distinct features

www.horizn-studios.co.uk @horiznstudios



Disclaimer: A special thank you to Horizn Studios for inviting me to their Launch Party. In any case, as always, all opinions will be my own.




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Before leaving for Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week I had already put a reminder in the diary that I was due to attend an invitation to the Tresor Paris launch in collaboration with Phiiish London.  It was my first experience of coming into direct contact with the brand and what an amazing time I had during the private preview.

I have heard of Tressor Paris before by word of mouth through other Style Influencers and Bloggers so it was extremely kind of their press team to invite me down to the launch and be part of the event. I got to meet the designers Adam and Dean the faces behind the new line of Jewellery as they chatted to me about their exciting collaboration and partnership with Tressor Paris.

For those of you that are new to the brand Tressor Paris can be found in heart of London’s Jewellery district Hatton Garden just off Chancery Lane.  If you ever happen to be passing by the area do drop by and view the most exquisite pieces of jewellery on display at their flagship store.

I noticed that the brand is favoured too by an array of Celebrities and Social Media Influencers on instagram. Even more so it certainly caught my attention as I got to take home a new piece of the collection with me which was gifted by the brand.

It just happens the jewellery I received was a unisex bracelet which looks very minimal and contemporary to suit my taste. As always I say less is more. The new bracelet unveiled that evening to the press and media also comes in Rose Gold that’s 18 carat and really sophisticated too.  I just loved some of the other bracelets I tried on myself that come in black beads which are really cool to wear that roll to the movement of your wrist for ideal comfort.

Apart from the jewellery on display the hospitality included toffee flavoured vodka and sushi canapés as the press mingled with other style influencers and celebrities during the evening. I even got to catch up with my peers over drinks and find out what each other has got up to lately since Men’s Fashion Week.

Do you love jewellery as much as I do, then make sure you make Tresor Paris as part of your everyday lifestyle pieces are very versatile to dress up your work wear attire. It’s all in the eye-catching detail as the whole point of owning jewellery is to invest in classic pieces made to last and the quality is just superb. The final verdict, Lovely jewellery by very talented Designers and I hope to try allot more of the range in future to see what Phiiish London create next season.

To find out more about Tresor Paris x Phiiish London Collaboration you can follow these brands on Instagram @tresor @phiiishlondon and visit their website below




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When it comes to the latest tech gadgets I’m always keen to try out new lifestyle brands on the market as I get an exclusive sneak peak of Marshall Headphones Major III Bluetooth Headphones before their official release next week.

During the official London launch night yesterday evening at 180 The Strand it also marked the opening of the brands worldwide major solo Exhibition. It was so exclusive that no photo’s were allowed which was separate to the main event where social media could be used to Instagram footage of the event live.

Marshall Amplification is a British brand founded by Terry Marshall a successful drummer musician that has acclaimed music industry status for excellence that dates back as far as the nineteen sixties. Since the brands founding from its early days from a drum shop its established itself as the leading music brand in the world. So lets touch upon a bit about the company history where Marshall started designing and manufacturing music amplifiers, speaker cabinets, brands personal headphones and earphones.

The exhibition was a great way to get to know the history behind such an iconic brand as part of popular culture and the integral part that Marshall played in revolutionizing sound technology innovation for the music industry today. As we entered the exhibition I was greeted by a brand rep who then handed me a pair of headphones connected to a smart phone which had the exhibition in digital format to explain factual information on the brand.

Parts of the exhibition were divided in zones that related to the individual chapters on the smart phones helping to navigate you as you make your way round and observe the images and information to help gauge a better understanding of the brand and it’s purpose. There was even a chill out area if you happened to take a wonder and explore where you could test out the new Marshall Headphones, listen to music and relax away from the party if needed.

Lately, I have been attending some great music events connected to lifestyle brands as more and more are finding new ways to connect with their audience via live music sets and performances. For this evenings entertainment Marshall Headphones headlined with Alternative/Indie bands such as Black Honey and Goat Girl leading London’s Indie scene.

Whilst I was there I got an exclusive sneak peek of their new material too and according to The Guardian and NME they are the One’s to Watch on the emerging artist music scene so definitely check them out.

If you are thinking of getting your hands on a pair of headphones I suggest trying them out before you buy to convince yourself otherwise. You get 30 + hours of wireless playtime and tune out function with mid active noise cancelling which is a modern classic re-engineered . The major III model features 40 mm dynamic driver that are custom tuned for enhanced base, smooth mids and clear highs. All in all, I’d say the product is much more improved than the M2 and added comfort too.

To find out more about the Exhibition you can follow Marshall Headphones on Instagram @marshallheadphones and visit their website www.marshallheadphones.com






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Superdry revealed their latest lifestyle concept last night by launching a successful music showcase with Emerging Music Artist known as Superdry Summer Sessions featuring Aaron Unknown, Timmy Xu to a Live DJ set by Sam Blacky.

The Superdry Brand was founded by Julian Dunkerton in Gloucestershire and has since been going strong since 1985 bringing its blend of vintage Americana and Japanese graphic inspired clothing to the mass market.

It was the perfect platform to promote music artist by collaborating with a renowned lifestyle brand such as Superdry which has a world wide international mass appeal to connect with its audiences. This is my first hand experience of seeing the brand incorporating music and fashion as a Lifestyle Brand which I fully support and encourage because I am a huge fan of live music and new talent.

When I arrived for the event at their flagship store I was curious to see the set up of the party as I’ve heard Superdry have hosted a Mens Fashion Week party for LCM: London Collections Men previously inside. As I make my way up to second floor I’m led by the friendly staff to a discreet entrance staircase leading to the stores top floor. I could not believe it, but they converted the whole of the shop floor into a pop-up nightclub complete with bars, sound stage and DJ-Booth was very least expected, but cool at the same time.

Upon arrival there was a prosecco wine reception and warm greeting by the PR reps and information about all the live acts on the landyards before heading to the dance floor equip with sound stage for tonights performances. The turnout at the venue was really huge and the fashionista crowd settled in well with a few drinks from the complimentary bar.

What I love most about fashion parties is bumping into familiar faces makes it more fun and great to catch up over some great music which reminds me its Coachella shortly. And I’m afraid its #Nochella as I can’t go but there are going to be some great music festivals this summer closer to home.




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It’s that time of year again when we can all look forward to the beginning of summer starting with music festival season as renowned Lifestyle Brand Relentless Energy Drinks will most likely be lending their name to major sporting events, festivals and now street style fashion.

Relentless Energy Drink collaborates with British Fashion Designer Mary Benson for a pop-up store launch in the west end and I got to see the exclusive preview of her latest work.

Mary Benson launched her debut collection with Fashion East in 2014 where she was awarded the prestigious TOPSHOP Sponsorship for AW2015 a great accolade in the designers career. It was my firsthand experience of coming across the label and I love discovering new designer brands at Fashion Week.

This season Mary returns with an exclusive line of unisex vinyl and screen printed street wear which were on show during the launch night. Graffiti adorned the walls of the event alongside the pieces from the collection which were quirky and fun evoked street style sub culture with an onsite Street Artist creating live art work.

Last July marked the designers second major milestone to move into the space of online retail with the labels very own stand alone e-commerce store.

In the past Mary Benson has collaborated with ASOS releasing an exclusive shoe and accessories collection last year with an event in associate with Hackney Walk and Stitch Academy.

You can find out more about the Fashion Print Label. London based duo Mary Benson & Tadgh Barry #MadeinLondon

website marybensonworld.com/

Instagram @marybensonworld